Ten Mistakes in Talking About Race

Heather Wood, reprinted in The Huffington Post, has a great article about the 10 Mistakes White People Make When Talking About Race. I would like to extend her list to include pretty much anyone talking about race, but unfortunately, whites tend to make the most mistakes here.

I like her number 1: Thinking It’s Not OK to Talk About It and her number 4. Thinking Race Is Only an Issue for Minorities the best.

2 thoughts on “Ten Mistakes in Talking About Race

  1. I like #2, though I think it should be worded differently.

    And sorry if this is reverse racist, but I’d rather if the article had been credited to someone else. I’m so tired of listening to white people be the authority on everything.

  2. But that is exactly the point, Lily. Sometimes we need white people to 1) admit that they’re racist and/or have racist tendencies and 2) call it out in others and 3) pose possible solutions.

    It’s sad to say, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes, white folks don’t always listen to race matters coming from people of color. Like you being tired of whites being an authority, some whites thinks “gawd, another crazy minority trying to make me feel bad.” Sad but true.

    Also, there is no reverse racism, only racism.

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