8 thoughts on “News Flash: a bunch of white people went to Burning Man

  1. Racism is as racism does. To say BM is not a racist event when, in fact, most of the people going there are white and of a certain financial status then what does that actually say about this event? To say that’s it not corporate when, in fact, most of the people going to this event network and are part of major corporate industries says the opposite. I don’t have single non-Caucasian BM friend. Don’t tell me this doesn’t prove anything when, in fact, I am constantly attending BM events where I have rarely seen a non-Caucasoid face. BM people may think what they wish about their event but it’s, in actual practise, a chance for uptight Caucasians to network, run around naked and dirty, and pretend they are something for a week. Then they go back to their regular jobs and lives believing there is a real difference between them and others. Then there is the belief they are ‘bringing something to the rest of the world.’ I’ve been watching this BM phenomena for years and there’s more than plenty of proof to back up what I say. A simple look at years of photos, alone, proves much. There will always be racism, because ignorance is prevalent in various amounts within any population. For those who practise one way and pretend it is otherwise are merely helping to perpetuate what is standard practise everywhere on the planet. Self-honesty is not a popular commodity. Argue with me, it’s your right, but take a good look at all the years of BM since inception at Baker’s Beach in SF, FIRST, before the pedestrian and ubiquitous emotional knee-jerk reactions fly.

  2. Not sure whom you’re arguing with, I agree with everything you said!

    white privilege IS being able to pretend you’re something else for a week and then go back to being white. So to speak.

    Taken this way, Burning Man is the epitome of white liberalism and privilege.

    Kinda why I can’t really stomach it myself, even though I’m white.

  3. I’m sorry folks, it pains me to see people talk about race and BM.

    I’m black and have been there about 6 times. I go to BM because people are not concerned about that shit. But invariably, there is always someone who wants to work out their little social experiment and ask me, “so how come more blacks don’t go to BM?”. Wow, who wouldn’t want to be singled out? Thank you for making stand out like a sore thumb;)

    it was a trip this year though. Every black person I saw made it a point to give me props or take the time to say hello. In a way, it’s like being in SF where I’m often the ‘token’.

    I get it and it’s s simple question but no one asks white people why they go so of course I feel singled out. I wish I could speak for all blacks but I just don’t have it like that since I hung up my Super Brother cape;)

    I’ll tell you why. I’m a small percentage of a small percentage (minority) in this country so of course not as many fucking black people are not going to be there:)
    Most blacks would rather spend their money, if they have it, doing something else. Not a lot of black go camping and if you don’t like camping, Burningman is a horrible place to be. But here we are, making it an issue just so others who don’t like Burningman can feel better about snubbing their noses about the festival.

    You make it what you make it. My camp is not some trustafarian wet dream nor are my friends liberal elitists. We create, work hard, surround ourselves with beautiful women, connect with old friends, and get fucked up for a week.

    If you don’t like it, don’t go.

    Take care folks

  4. Burning Man may be unconsciously racist and I would not be concerned about it. Racism exits in all ethnic groups whether we like it or not. The fact that white people can get together and find community is healthy and nothing to be ashamed about. If you want forced multiculturalism go to Target or Walmart.

  5. Good point Rick,

    racism is always out there fucking things up but I think it’s bad idea to blame people who are not contributing to it or are not propagating it, especially people who go to Burningman. I think it’s safe to say that 99% of folks who go are cool.

    But you sort of make a point that other races or cultures can’t have healthy communities and I don’t think that is true.

    Lots of minorities don’t camp or do lots of outdoorsy things but many still find ways to have healthy outlets. It might not be on the evening news but it’s there and it was how I was raised. We went to concerts, had tons of picnics, and danced a ton. (maybe THAT’S why I like burningman).

    great post…talk to you soon.

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