SNL’s Racist Caricature of Matt Gonzalez

Gonzalez- Has no discernible accent. But, because he’s of hispanic origin, it’s somehow funny and not-racist to give him an accent.

This is a textbook example of racism in the media. Will it harm our children? Probably not.

Was it lame? Definitely.

via SNL’s Racist Caricature of Matt Gonzalez « Mission Mission

One thought on “SNL’s Racist Caricature of Matt Gonzalez

  1. Oh man, I was so with you on this article until the last line. I was ready to look up the SNL clip and see what you were talking about. But “lame”? Define? Racism is alive and well, and so is ableism. This is a term I’m struggling with myself – with such a vast number of words to choose from, I hope this is one we can put to rest.

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