White Privilege Defined.

No serious person is ever going to say it’s racist to talk about race. That’s nonsense. The whole it’s racist to acknowledge/see/talk about race thing desperately needs to go away. While the idea of colour-blindness may seem altruistic to some, it’s really a byproduct of white privilege. The ability to see race as a “card” to be “played” is also a byproduct of white privilege. The problem isn’t in acknowledging race but in letting race be a marker for determining a persons worth or quality as a human being. Since Western society confers unequal privilege to those who are white, white people and people of colour experience life differently. To ignore this reality, to refuse to acknowledge race, is to willfully promote this inequality.

via Words of advice for White would-be writers on race | Race-Talk.

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3 thoughts on “White Privilege Defined.

  1. It all boils down to learning styles based on our individual and genetic/family histories. We have a world of human inequity due to the way we all have historically interacted with our environments. It is because of genetics that people developed in so many different ways, such as our looks temperaments, talents, susceptibility to disease, etc and this, in turn was directly attached to the particular environment our ancestors bestowed upon us because these traits were also caused by the adaptations made to survive or not. That was the plight of our perpetually migrating human ancestors of the early prehistoric era. Consequently, all of us humans on the Earth, at this point in time, 3/22/2010, reflect various interplays of genetics but, more importantly, a variety of interactions with physical and social environments, which has been historically named: Geography and CULTURE, both of which led and continue to lead to ongoing culture diffusion, division of social classes, and distribution of perceived wealth. Those who wound up in the European continent environments, due to their interplay of genetics and environment were unbeknown to them, designated to meet up with other humans that they had not known in their life times or in the written history that preceded them. In addition, others that were different in appearance and culture, was also unknown to their ancestors. Due to this ever so slow and oh so gradual migration of humans, remember it was cultural diffusion that led to development of written language(Phoenicians/Greeks/Romans, which led to the Western hemisphere people getting the eventual 1492 fame for the “discovery” of new lands and people(s). However, it is actually all due to our original prehistoric/pre-written language migrations that we are what we all are today. It is because of our ongoing migrations and changes that took place due to environment and who was having fun with whom that we, as a species began to change both physically and in our ways of relating to each other and learning to promote our survival. It is really all due to the environment our different ancestors wound up in then left (whether it was unconscious – i.e., following herds of mammoths across the Bering Strait for thousands of years or purposefully emigrating to America, we had to change something about ourselves, in order to interact with another one and get what we (our tribe) needed and the individual needed and continues to need. This cycle hasn’t stopped and won’t until something bigger than ourselves stops it (Like that comet that wiped out the dinos or we will do it ourselves.) In the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman can survive they may find…..

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