Anti-immigration the death knell for Japan

Japan Curbs Hiring Foreigners Even as Labor Shortage Looms –

Japan’s population is aging and there’s hardly any young people to fill the worker void. Yet, they don’t want to admit foreign labor and so the economy is failing.

Perhaps this is a lesson for those of us in America who are anti-immigrant labor?

5 thoughts on “Anti-immigration the death knell for Japan

  1. You need to fact the fact that race, ethnicity, culture, even gender – these things are all related, that this is perfectly acceptable and normal.

    While none of these things can be used as a basis for hate or prejudice – that doesn’t mean they don’t exist or don’t have value.

    The notion that Japan should somehow enable a massive flood of likely Chinese immigrants into their country to care for their elderly, thereby wiping out the very ‘Japanese’ nature of Japan is shameful and ridiculous.

    Because Americans don’t have any real culture, history, social protocol, history, language, cuisine – other than the somewhat crass but entertaining ‘pop culture’ forms of the above – you have a hard time grasping that others do. What you (naive) American leftists seem to have such a difficult time understanding is that ethnicity is a very important part of identity, for most of the world, and for most of history.

    It is unacceptable that Japanese or Chinese should hate each other based upon their ethnicity, but it is perfectly acceptable that Japan should limit the number of foreigners on their soil such that they can enable prevailing Japanese culture to survive and thrive.

    Both the Japanese and Chinese cultures are unique and beautiful, they have given so much to the world, it would be in an abhorrent and irresponsible – arguably genocidal – act to force the evaporation of those cultures in support of something so material as ‘growing the GDP’.

    It is quite ironic how the communists and the capitalist both line up, shoulder by shoulder, in an effort to remove all borders to movement and trade, and to burn, loot and pillage the remaining elements of culture that we have on this planet.

    Let the Japanese be Japanese, let the Chinese be Chinese – we can all get along, and we will be better for it.

    Consider that other people’s values are different from your own.
    Your uninformed, sophomoric, communist opinion is as damaging as the tanks and artillery pieces your country sends around the world. Do us all a favor and keep the invasion, be it through tanks, MTV, McDonald’s or shallow ideology within your borders.

  2. wait, am I leftist or a communist?

    You should read some books on nationalism, like what it is really is and how it can’t really be so easily defined as you are implying here with the “unique” Japanese and Chinese. Those nations themselves are actually very multiethnic where China recognizes several different minorities groups (with many, many more unrecognized) and Japan simply takes the “nationalist” argument and doesn’t recognize anyone in their country who is not a decedent Japanese (but going back how far now? Certainly not the Ainu, right?); they call them resident foreign nationals so they simply do not count them and are this one big “monoethnic” nation. But that’s straight bullshit.

    Many of the people who live in Japan but aren’t Japanese by “blood” have been living there for over 5 generations, speak Japanese and actually ARE Japanese culturally… I’m talking about the Koreans, the largest minority in Japan that Japan tries desperate to ignore…

    There is no such thing as a mono-ethnic nation. So boxing it up and letting the Japanese be the Japanese is a moot point, because the assumptions are invalid.

    Read Imagined Communities by Benedict Anderson.

  3. Yeah, I’m sorry I was a little crass … after re-reading what I wrote.

    I’m so surprised .. I saw with browser still open and saw that you already responded …

    A) That there is not such thing as a ‘mono ethnic nation’ does not imply that there isn’t such thing as a prevailing culture, and that there does not exist highly variable levels of ‘multiculturalism’ within any nation, in addition to differing social expectations regarding culture – which may be different from our own (in the West) which we must respect.

    That there are 5-generation Korean immigrants living in Japan doesn’t change the nature of my argument – that there is such a thing as ‘Japanese’ culture and that it is related to race and ethnicity.

    To put another way: the ‘instance’ of a poor, 5th generation Korean not being respected is in of course regrettable. But on the whole, there is a reason why the quantity of their introduction into the culture can be a problem. Japan definitely has a right to limit immigration, and to not change the cultural makeup of it’s civilization for economic reasons.

    B) Of course China has a number of varying cultures within it’s umbrella – but Uygurs and Tibetans aside – the Hans/Mandarins etc. share a strong cultural and ethnic connection – so strong in fact that most of them – even those living around the world, outside the legal entity of China, even for many generations – consider themselves ‘Chinese’. Of course I am stating the obvious. This word ‘Chinese’ in the ethnic sense can absolutely and fairly be used to refer to the identities common to that very general umbrella.

    Do you think that the concept of ‘Chinese’ is imagined? That the cultural traditions of many-generations Chinese living in Philippines is imagined? Of course not.

    So, yes, it is wrong to treat individuals unfairly on the basis of their ethnic origin – but it is also perfectly acceptable to control migration on the basis of culture and ethnic norms. The two concept do not have to be mutually exclusive. Unfortunately, most people confuse the two issues.

    I’m sorry for labeling you a ‘leftist’ – the American machine is so highly ‘dichotomized’ it’s rare to find someone disparaging immigration policy in the way you have and to not self-label as a ‘liberal’. Personally, I think we need to transcend political ideologies, they are the root of the problem.

    Anyhow, I applaud you for taking the time to make this web site, and to respond to my comment – ‘action’ is after all much more important that words, though we likely disagree on a few things I gather your intent is certainly positive and earnest.

    Oh by the way I just looked at your profile and saw your picture, you are very beautiful, maybe that’s a little sexist (?) …just take the compliment. I used to live in San Francisco, I miss the ‘cute girl in dreads’ bit. Again, more sexism? Whatever. Now I’m laughing at my own bad humour so it’s definitely time to sign off …have a good night. – James

  4. Then create incentives for Japanese to have more children. The solution isn’t to destroy the Japanese culture and people with immigrants to boost their numbers. They are better off with a slower economy instead of ethnic genocide by excessive immigration.

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