Racism agains the Japanese is still alive and well

This is a screen cap of various Facebook statuses where the people feel that this earthquake was somehow redemption for when the Japanese military attacked Pearl Harbor in 1942.

People really disgust me sometimes. Click here for the image, it is very large.

6 thoughts on “Racism agains the Japanese is still alive and well

  1. Hate is never the answer when it comes to natural disasters like this but there is something you must know about the japaneese govermnet and society.

    As a Chinese American we also suffered in the hands of the JAPANESE during WWII and the fact that the Japanese goverment still DENY the killings of so many Asians that they occupied in WWII even to this day!!! This was one of the reasons i didn’t give a shit about the Earthquake over there.

    If you ever been to Japan you know that the Japanese are a xenophobic society. Their goverment even has a ANTI-CHINESE agenda that puts rasicm and hate toward all things Chinese. The Japaneese also ALLOW these “right-winged” nationalist groups to creat demonstrations against Chinese-Korean people.

    So as you could see japan has done alot of wrong in this world. but yeah hate isnever the answer.

  2. Also i’ve visted PEARL HARBOR Feb in Oahu Hawaii. So i know perfectly well the horror the soildeirs (1,796 aprx) young men (15-18) died that day.

    And do you know why the Japanese attaked pearl harbor?

    the U.S was cutting off the crucial oil supply of the Japanese because Japan was killing millions of Chinese occupying nanking and shanghai. And the japanese seeing as how they wanted to continue their killings of innocent people in China put a stop to the Americans and attacked the U.S. and it was the most successful naval attacks in history.

    Innocent boys 15-18 years of age died on that warm day in Oahu Hawaii. Having a whole life ahead of them gone just like that!

    I think it is fair to say that i do understand why many of these Americans are offended by the attack as am I. Although i would not have used hate to attack japan.

    God Bless

    • Sounds like you’re still trying to justify hate against a people for their nation’s past transgressions and even their current ones and using a natural disaster as them “getting what they deserve.”

      People partied in the streets as the twin towers were falling in New York because they thought, “finally, American knows how it feels to be attacked, when they kill so many innocents with bombs…”

      No. You’re the racist. You’re the one taking 60-year-old war crimes and holding an entire people (and new generation) responsible for it.

      Yes, Japan is not perfect at all and yes their government has vastly racist policies, but to use a natural disaster that has killed so many innocents as a justification? No, that’s racist.

  3. As if dropping 2 atomic bombs wasn’t a ‘revenge’ atrocious enough. the Japanese didn’t need to suffer a natural disaster as an redemption, they’ve already suffered enough, if we’re insisting on this metaphor of sin and punishment.

  4. It is abhorrent that people should think the Earthquake was retribution, but I do not think this is really racism.

    For example, if Japan were a truly mutl-ethnic society, I think the comments would be the same.

    Perhaps a little ‘nationalist’, and maybe a little bit of racism mixed in – but I don’t think it’s based in racist hate.

    If these people hate the Japanese simply for who they are or hate ‘Japanese’ then it would be racist.

    • Americans have a real knack for turning nationalism into racism pretty easily especially for nations with predominately non-white populations. So while your sentiment is optimistic, I’m willing to bet these people are being racist and are driven by racism to make these comments.

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