Whitey need not apply.

The LOL moment also from last week: over 50% of whites in a survey think they encounter anti-white racism as much as minorities encounter racism. As reported here by Fox News via Mother Jones.

Fave bit here:

Among Americans who say they most trust Fox News, 26 percent say reverse discrimination is a critical issue, nearly twice as many as say discrimination against minority groups is a critical issue (14 percent). At the other end of the spectrum, only 8 percent of Americans who most trust public television say reverse discrimination is a critical issue, compared to 27 percent who say discrimination against minorities is a critical issue.


2 thoughts on “Whitey need not apply.

  1. I am white and I am !00% certain discrimination against blacks is a problem. Why in the world do police department still exist on which the majority of officers are white? The ratio of officers should reflect the community.

    By the same token, why am I working in a post office in which both union reps are male hispanic, the relief supervisor is male hispanic, the supervisor is male hispanic, the postmaster is male hispanic and the management person over our postmaster is male hispanic?

    • Your second paragraph is touching on how complex the issue is; we’re not going to have every job be perfectly representative of the local population. There are many factors to consider when assessing ethnic distributions in a particular workplace, field, etc. Reasons for this include: just random chance, friends referring jobs, class segregation, gender gap, etc. which could all lead to how your work’s ethno-gender makeup. The question is, does it bother you? And if so, why? Ask yourself that question and then ask yourself why you answered the way you did.

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