browning up white Muslims

browning up white Muslims

“Just so it is said, clearly and unambiguously: the Tsarnaev brothers are white guys. They are white. The FBI’s own wanted poster for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev lists his race as “white”, but you would never know it from the cover image on The Week.”

6 thoughts on “browning up white Muslims

  1. Prejudice is everywhere you go. Even in well respected documentaries when they show places in the Midwest they play country music and whenever they film places in Asia they always play the traditional Chinese music for all of these documentaries. It gets sick after a while.

  2. Browning up suspected criminals and lightening up beauty (Beyonce for L’Oreal) both clearly hints at purity being a +-0 that equals white. Normalcy belongs to a select few, and I think it is the same few that have priviledge and reserve the right to writing history. That’s why I sometimes (like in the Trayvon verdict) feel like humanity isn’t moving any further until the power relations are balanced. It’s been a long time coming, but we’ll get there.

  3. I can give a shout-out to your blog on my anti-racism blog if you want. We can help each other out. All you have to do is just mention me in one of your blog posts too.

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