Racism alive and well

On November 8, 2016, we Americans elected an openly racist and misogynistic white man to the Presidency. It seems that now more than ever, I return to this blog and start writing again.

I had started this blog shortly after Barack Obama was elected America’s first black president. The media was hailing this as the end of racism, and that we’re all “post-racial” now. I started this blog because this is a white liberal fantasy. Just because one person of color can make it in a world dominated by whites, doesn’t mean we’ve all changed our minds about race and racism in this country.

Last week’s election results were clear evidence that racism is not at all dead. Racism is very much alive and well.

But what happened to this blog? Why haven’t you posted anything for us, huh? Well, because I fucked up. I got “too busy”, but I also got a bit sad, reading all the horrors that were still going on in this country and the world, but perhaps the most shameful thing is that I started to believe the post-racial lie. I thought things may just be getting better.

Boy, was I wrong.

Much has been written about the Democrats eating crow after this election. The shock, the seemingly unbelievable situation that is now a reality. I was right there with them. That whole week I was waking up to anxiety sweats, breaking down at random times to cry, all the usual signs of grief – as if a close relative of mine died.

This pain and anguish I feel has very little to do with party politics, and has everything to do with the now obvious and almost unashamed racism and sexism that swayed more votes than any policy did. Or worse, was ignored in favor or policy.

I’ve been fighting racism in one way or another for decades, but as I’ve mentioned, I got lazy. I got complacent. I got privileged. Well no more.

No more will I be quiet in the face of discrimination and overt bigotry of any kind.

No more will I be polite and keep my opinions to myself.

No more will I be quiet because it’s not “my place” to oppose racism or sexism and bigotry of any kind.

No, no more…

One thought on “Racism alive and well

  1. We ate crow “democrats” because our crooked democratic party handed the corrupt Clintons the democratic nomination through backroom super delegate votes & blatant insider attacks against Bernie Sanders to sink his campaign.He would of been our first Jewish president & the man would of beat trump handily i believe.Now we have to hope trumps old racist acts have changed and that he expands his democratic policy leanings,as he used to be a democrat.We need to unite as a country and people,all ethnithicies together under one flag.

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