I’m self-identified white American born and raised in the Bay Area of California. In this blog, I ramble on about race and racism, a cause and issue close to my heart. But I don’t update this nearly enough…

A little more about me

For my undergraduate studies, I obtained a degree in Biological Anthropology from UC San Diego. There I focused on human evolution and genetic variability. I was trying to find some of the root causes for racism through hard science. While I found lots to refute the very idea of race, racism persisted. So in pursuit of race, cultural identity and racism, I entered the Masters program at San Francisco State University in Cultural Anthropology where I completed my thesis dealing with the media representation of Asian Americans.

I dabbled in some policy work with the Applied Research Center (internship), but ultimately had to pay rent so I went back into the technology sector.

I’m bored and my true calling keeps knocking on my brain. Hence, for now, this blog.

Feel free to email me: tryturkey AT yahoo DOT com.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I really appreciate your thoughts and care on this frustrating subject. I’m presently working on my doctoral thesis and am attempting to define some of the human condition that causes us to try to find identity in our own cultures thus causing other cultures to be inferior in our minds like it or not. I think you are on to something here, and I will follow your thoughts.

  2. I do like your blog, and I think your articles are just the kind of thing to keep the dialogue going and make people aware of the racism within society so that we can all address it. Your blog is needed and appreciated. It will make things better.

    However, I think it’s a shame you chose to give the blog such a negative title, because although racism definitely exists, things are not as bad as they were forty, or even twenty, years ago. And racism is on it’s way out. It will take a lot of time, and much more dialogue, awareness, vigilence and integration, but racism will eventually go. We just need to push it out, and keep blogging.

    • The negative title is meant to evoke thoughts and dialogue and possible disagreement only to realize that while racism may not be at the fore-front as it once was, it is intentionally hiding in obvious places and institutions.

      White liberal America has taught us to love “multiculturalism” and that “things are not as bad as they were,” but I ask, are you sure about that? What IS multiculturalism other than dressing up like false traditionals and parading around like everything is OK?

      But you’re right, things are certainly different. However, when every one hails the “end of racism” because we have one black president, I have to say that the negative, jarring, anger inducing title of this blog will wake us up and we’ll realize that we still have a long, long, LONG way to go.

    • The title of his blog is true. You must be white if you believe racism is on it’s way out. You wouldn’t say that if you were a Black man who fears being pulled over by cops for no other apparent reason than driving while black. You don’t have to make people of color “aware of racisim in society” because we experience it everyday of our lives. How can a people who are the targets of racism also push it out?

  3. Thank you soo much for writing on the term Caucasian! Hearing that word is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

    People have no idea of the origins or the inaccuracy of the term. I think it is white people’s attempt to give themselves a more ethnic sounding title, so they don’t feel left out when others can refer to themselves as Asian American, African American, etc. I wonder if it might also be an unconscious/subliminal identification with Asians who, I believe, are respected by whites to be smarter and actually better than white.

    More power to you my fellow human brother!

    From a proud Mixer, Burhead, Honey child, light-skinned Black woman, etc., etc. aka Black and White mixed woman 🙂

    PS How old are you BTW, just wondering to see from what generation you are speaking. Thanks again!!!

    • Hey there, glad you like it! I’m 33 so I’m not sure what generation that is. I think I’m gen X-Y cusp, but who’s counting!

  4. Back in 2008 there was this white guy with blonde hair & blue eyes in my Laboratory class at a local community collage in Orange County CA. At the beginning of Lab he yelled to the top of his lungs “I’M CAUCASIAN!” Bear in mind that it was around 7 in the morning and people were still waking up. The whole Lab was in shock and disbelief. Apparently he didn’t like being referred to as “Caucasian”. The instructor (who was white also) in the back overheard him and came over and asked that young man in his 30s to go talk to him in his office. He asked him why he was upset. “There’s a name I don’t like being called”. “Which is what” he inquired. “Caucasian” he replied. “Well grow a spine!” he told him. So I think the instructor was right. There will always be “vices” that people have. You can’t change the world but you can control your inner emotions and well being. Simply ignore these negative words and ignorant people. Shut them out. In times of frustration you should leave the area where there is trouble and try to meditate. Picture yourself on a beautiful island of Hawaii laying in a hammock with perfect weather and the sound of waves crashing with a margarita in your hand. That always works.

    First and foremost you shouldn’t let words and people get to you. Words are just words. How they effect you should be only up to you and nobody else. In other words. “Grow a spine”.

  5. Hello, I was browsing on your blog and thought you might be interested by checking out my book, “Kiss of Thorns” by Lilliane Rosse. It’s about racism and the prejudices that mixed couples face within their own families. I really want to raise awareness about the fact that racism is well alive and we need to talk about it and shout that it’s inacceptable. Hope you’ll enjoy the reading, the book is availabe on amazon kindle or kobo as an ebook. If you like it please share the story. I will give back 10% of the earnings to charity. Many Thanks, Lilliane

  6. Hi, I too work in the racism arena. Are you still active here? You may want to check out my blog too: http://www.racismisnotagame.wordpress.com I have been involved in the racism on team names and logos in Major League baseball. I do believe it affects everyone and all of society is harmed by it. As for origins, I have a bit of a medical background so I too have looked into the biology. Since our brains our changing throughout our lives whatever may be genetic I believe can be affected by experience. This is all the more reason to open the conversations and change our behaviors.
    Looking forward to hearing from you. I can be reached at SherrieNoble@hotmail.com

  7. Hi, I updated my “about” page(finally) so you can see a bit more on me. Same for anyone interested in making a real world change in MLB racism http://www.racismisnotagame.wordpress.com as I am looking to pull a team together in a social media and real world strategy. If we can make the change happen it could be both amazing and good.

    Thanks for keeping the issue alive. Sometimes people think it has gone away but nothing could be further from the truth. It is simply hidden in plain sight.

  8. Hi I read your post on racism. Just a question, given that the world puts the white race on a pedestal (i.e superior race), is racism towards the white race really an issue? In my opinion, the effect of racism on that particular race should be determining factor as to the amount of importance given to tackling it. I do not mean to be antagonistic, just here to learn. Thanks for reading this 🙂

    • I’m not sure what you mean here. This blog is not about measuring the amount of racism against whites (erroneously called “reverse-racism”, to which I do not ascribe). It’s about race and racism in all it’s myriad of forms.

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