Tired of ignorant comments

Finally had to shut off the comments on the Caucasian post because I was just too damned tired of people using it as a way to spout off their ill-informed, juvenile or otherwise idiotic opinions about how whites should be seen in this country and how they are insecure of other races and how they didn’t actually read the essay at all. I had enough of it.

People don’t seem to really get the point that I’m trying to point out some of the fallacies of race politics when mixed with bad science and trying to present a history of how such mistakes and racist intensions become today’s common law and common term. I do not hate white people. I am white. And also male. No, I don’t self-hate, no I’m not a communist, no I’m not part of the media conspiracy. I was raised extremely poor but I still recognize I have white privilege in this country and many others (if not all).

Living in a multi-ethnic country and world in such a racialize state that its in is taxing on all of us. For people of color, the fight is long and difficult and not easily overcome, for the white anti-racist it poses other challenges. I hope to be blogging more on the regular in the coming weeks and continue to hope that this blog does reach people whom it might help to understand. It seems my primary audience is white and that’s good because they/we often need the most help!

Stay tuned.

Caucasian is a Dirty Word.

I read it on forms. I hear it conversation. And most annoying of all, people refer to me as such. I’m talking about the word Caucasian.

Sure we’re all trying to be PC when we invoke the formal racial title for a group of people we absolutely must designate. African American for blacks, Asian American for Asians, etc. But a history of struggle and racism called for such designators and more importantly, such designators as chosen by the people in question. It only follows that when making racial proclamations where you wish to include white folks, your brain will pause a moment to search for the nice formal self-designated word for whitey. Unfortunately, the word that comes up is Caucasian.

But where did that word come from and how did it rise to the lofty position of designated the white race as a whole? Some might be surprised to know, that like most racial designators, the history of the word Caucasian is racist, inaccurate and flawed. I’m writing this in order to bring light to this dirty word and hopefully work to remove it from our politically correct vocabulary. Continue reading