Will they never learn..?

Thought Required; Pants Optional.

This morning, I encountered a brief post at ThinkProgress, “Conservative Pundits: Accepting Same-Sex Marriage is Common Sense.” The article relates remarks made by Mary Matalin and George Will on yesterday’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos to the effect that the popular politics surrounding marriage equality in the United States is trending inexorably towards widespread popular support for equality. The state-level victories for marriage equality in the 2012 elections, and public opinion charts like this one, tell the story.

The tenor of the ThinkProgress article is positive: it means to say “look, marriage equality and LGBTQ rights are obviously advancing when even Mary Matalin and George Will admit publicly that marriage equality is coming.”

But I am not so excited. This post inadvertently shows an ugly side to the politics of marriage equality, an ugly side others and I have feared would come. Read carefully what Mary Matalin actually…

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Ridicule vs. Inequality

Owldolatrous has a really good post about tolerance and perspective in the Gay Rights debate especially in light of folks being conservative Christians who feel they get ridiculed for being for “traditional marriage” while not, outright, hating gays.: · Aesop to the Right: Why I Believe Bristol Palin. In my opinion, like the race debate, this stems from a privilege the Majority has and its difficulty understanding that privilege when we’re all taught that everything should (and is!) equal.

Some choice quotes:

The answer you must normally get from LGBT supporters like me—and it’s an answer that I normally give—is that trying to get our equality is not the same as trying to silence you. Tolerance is a two-way street and it doesn’t work if you’re passing laws that block one whole lane…


But it’s important for you to recognize that there is a vast difference between facing ridicule or even occasional civic rejection, and facing systematic social and political inequality. There is a vast difference between being told you’re superstitious or old-fashioned and being told you’re an abomination that doesn’t deserve to live. There’s a vast difference between being told you’re acting hateful and being told God hates you.



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Great news about the recent federal court ruling overturning Prop 8. Proponents are hoping it’ll go to the Supreme Court where they think a win will mean no gay marriage federally, but jokes on them, if they actually hold it up in the Supreme Court there will be no doubt an Occupy Supreme Court and also it’ll show that states can make the marriage decisions, thereby nullifying any chance for a federal amendment; which is the bigots real goal. And if they lose, of course, it’s over.