Is your baby racist?!?!

Photo Credit: Matt Braunger

It’s Newsweek so no hard science here, but someone found out that children actually perceive society’s racial differences on their own, from media and mostly from their parents attitude. Nothing new here, but here’s an interesting note on white liberalism “don’t ask, don’t tell” de facto policy:

The last third were also given the checklist of topics, but no videos. These parents were to discuss racial equality on their own, every night for five nights.

At this point, something interesting happened. Five families in the last group abruptly quit the study. Two directly told Vittrup, “We don’t want to have these conversations with our child. We don’t want to point out skin color.”

Vittrup was taken aback—these families volunteered knowing full well it was a study of children’s racial attitudes. Yet once they were aware that the study required talking openly about race, they started dropping out.

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