What if Zimmerman’s victim were white?

Bernard Finel postulates:

The racism is in the form of assumptions and predispositions. When the cops arrived on the scene, they found a dead black kid and an armed community watch volunteer, and the pieces all just seemed to fall into place. Of course, the kid had jumped the innocent citizen who had used self-defense. Now, once that was their mindset, they essentially set about defending it, tidying up loose ends, not asking too many questions, and so on.

But look, isn’t it obvious that had the dead kid been white, there would have been a lot of more questions asked? The cops would have arrived on the scene, and you would have an unarmed dead white kid, an armed hispanic dude with an arrest record. My guess is that their initial mindset would have been quite different.

Of course this is speculation but the statistics back it up but I post this more to demonstrate the subtly of racism that is often overlooked.

Rock music makes white people racist?


Though the study is interesting, it does lack a little bit of that “causation” thing that seems to matter in science. After all, it’s not rock music that’s making these students racist, but, rather, it’s rock music that’s perhaps forcing people to exhibit beliefs that are already held. Is it the case that rock music allows some people to feel comfortable being racist? Or reminds them to be racist? Whatever the case, the science still seems kinda wonky.

Rock music makes white people racist, says University Of Minnesota research 


It’s ethnic or something.

Check out this drivel posted recently about a Filipino named street in a part of SF’s South of Market District:

Hey, did you know that we have a Lapu Lapu Street? It’s true! Between 3rd and 4th on Harrison. What a crazy name! It’s ethnic or something. (Also: is that a little hedge maze a block north of it? That seems pretty.)

Fortunately, the commenters sorta set the record straight. But as any resident of just a few years (who pays attention) knows: that part of SF is known as Little Manila, thus providing the basis for such an “ethnic” name. Seriously, when did a city known for its diversity get so full of casually racist white yuppie transplant douchebags?

What is Intelligence?

Just read a great review of a review of James Flynn’s What is Intelligence?. Over at Offsprung. Amanda Marcotte goes on to describe some of the best ways to use the long-used I.Q. test to refute racism rather than (supposedly) bolster it.

Basically, the Flynn effect of I.Q. scores (that each generation is testing better than the last), causes test makers to recalibrate the test every so often, throwing a wrench in the old racist stand-by. If the I.Q. test is constantly changing, then how can any of the racial-gap data be accurate?

Of course racists assume an I.Q. test is an unbiased tool to measure intelligence, so that any disparity from two or more arbitrarily chosen people (i.e., race categorized) must be the result of fundamental genetic racial difference on intelligence. There are so many holes in this argument, it’s amazing it keeps getting posited. And now, thanks to Flynn’s book, there’ a few more holes.

Falafel eaters terrorists?

FBI Hoped to Follow Falafel Trail to Iranian Terrorists Here

That’s right, the Feds have been data mining customer data on falafel eaters hoping to find terrorists. The article goes on but there’s really no point in reading it other than to chuckle and/or cringe at how grossly unprepared to fight terrorism on U.S. soil. And if racial profiling is our only weapon, then we really are in trouble.

For the record, falafels are often enjoyed by non-Iranians, like other Western Asians and Mediterraneans and myself. In fact, I’m going to have one for dinner tonight. I hope they don’t catch me!