Androids are for poor people


Nevertheless, in America, a noisy chorus of pro-Apple bloggers keeps repeating the mantra about Android being cheap and crappy and second-rate, and people keep believing it and insisting that they must have an iPhone. American consumers have been told that those Android smartphones are hard to use, or complicated, or geeky, or unreliable, and, worst of all, on top of all that, they’re made for poor people.

And that’s where the rhetoric starts to border on something ugly. Look at what Apple fans were saying in April 2012 when Instagram became available on Android. Cult of Mac had a nice roundup which included sneering tweets about Walmart and “poor peasants” and “riff raff” and “poor people,” but also included these:

* “It’s like when all the ghetto people started coming to the nice suburbs. Instagram was our nice lil suburb.”

* “Instagram just got a whole lotta ghetto.”

The italics are mine, and I’ve added them for a reason. Yes, it’s the dreaded G word, and it comes up again in a Dec. 13, 2011 article by Glenn Derene, who wrote that “Android’s Cheap, Low Quality Apps Make It Feel Like A Technological Ghetto.”

Thank you, Apple fans, for bringing Karl Rove tactics to the world of tech.

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Navajo Hipster panties


I don’t know about you, but I usually spend the autumn months parading around in my Navajo Hipster panties, feather headdress (on loan from model Karlie Kloss and singer Gwen Stefani), Manifest Destiny T-Shirt and knee-high fringed moccasins made in Taiwan while watching a Redskins game, smoking a pack of American Spirits, and eating genetically modified Butter Ball turkey, because I’m just that traditional.

Nothing Says Native American Heritage Like White Girls In Headdresses | Alternet.

Rock music makes white people racist?


Though the study is interesting, it does lack a little bit of that “causation” thing that seems to matter in science. After all, it’s not rock music that’s making these students racist, but, rather, it’s rock music that’s perhaps forcing people to exhibit beliefs that are already held. Is it the case that rock music allows some people to feel comfortable being racist? Or reminds them to be racist? Whatever the case, the science still seems kinda wonky.

Rock music makes white people racist, says University Of Minnesota research